Hypergrowth•Buzz’s Ninja-inspired Journey to Rapid Growth

Service: Brand Development, Web Development and Marketing Support

Hypergrowth•Buzz is focused on helping businesses achieve rapid growth. Their niche is sales strategy and team development: they provide guidance and tools to companies looking to expand quickly, hence the name ‘Hypergrowth’.

They’ve embraced a unique theme centred around the concept of a ninja, ad they refer to “sales ninjaism.” This theme runs through their initial blog posts and illustrations for LinkedIn. By adopting this theme, they aim to convey the idea of agility, skill, and precision in the sales process, much like a ninja in combat. Through the use of this ninja-inspired imagery and language, they communicate their commitment to excellence in the field of business growth.

When I began working with Hypergrowth•Buzz, they already had a logo, but they needed a comprehensive website to showcase their unique approach. They wanted the website to feature custom illustrations and mind maps to visually explain their process. They had specific ideas about how they wanted the visuals in their website to appear: “hand-draw”, “squigly” and “no straight lines”.

“I used Helena to launch my brand to the world. Helena was just a great partner to do this. Her combination of skills: brand and design and storytelling, and digital storytelling, and marketing and then all the technical skills to make web pages that look good on all devices made her an excellent one-stop shop to get the ideas out of my head and onto my website. I gave her pictures of pen drawings and she turned them into beautiful images.

“Her ability to listen, to understand me and guide me helped tremendously too.

“And her speed and output were amazing. I’d recommend her to anyone who wanted clean, simple, sophistication for their brand.”

Sherwyn Singh – Founder and CEO, Hypergrowth•Buzz