Automagikal’s “Kal”-led Revolution in Business Automation

Automagikal is a forward-thinking consultancy firm that helps small-to-medium sized businesses improve their operations through smart automation solutions. They focus on making work easier and more efficient. With their guidance, companies can streamline processes and boost productivity.

The branding story of Automagikal revolves around the central character, “Kal,” to create a unique and memorable identity for the brand. Kal represents innovation, efficiency, and empowerment, embodying the core values of the company.

In creating Kal’s logo, we tried out many ideas, like different hats to show the different jobs people do in small businesses. Through refinement and reduction we arrived at a logo with just KAL’s winking eyes and moustache. This captures Kal’s fun and cool personality and keeps the focus on being innovative.The final logo uses bold typography and vibrant colors to convey energy and dynamism.

The extended branding strategy leverages Kal’s persona to create engaging marketing campaigns and storytelling that capture the imagination of customers. Kal becomes the central figure that brings the brand to life and connects with audiences on a deeper level.